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Hewer said the unemployed were in a good position to become self-employed because start-up costs were low.
On shari'a, the Islamic concept of guidance by law, Hewer presents the traditional Muslim view: "The Shari'a is never an arbitrary law made up by the Prophet or by a vote among the people.
Hewer slipped past a covering tackle planting the ball down over the left side of the pitch, a bit too far for captain Becci Lewis to convert.
Now Hewer is returning to the country for a reunion with the teenager, but he isn't going empty-handed - he's towing an industrial saw and generator that he hopes will help his friend, who's since trained as a carpenter, get his business off the ground.
Lord Sugar Lord Sugar, with his aides Karen Brady, and Nick Hewer, and the 16 contestants
TV's Apprentice star Nick Hewer said: "It's a great initiative.
London, Jan 31 ( ANI ): Imogen Thomas has blasted Nick Hewer for calling her stupid on witter over the weekend.
But I think I'll chuck it if they don't get rid of Nick Hewer.
As the MD of a company (Hewer Builders Ltd), which specialises in restoration work, Mr Hewer was immediately interested.
APPRENTICE star Nick Hewer laughs off the time he got stopped by the cops while wrapped in a toga.
She was backed for the job by Sir Alan's other sidekick, PR guru Nick Hewer.
THE Apprentice star Nick Hewer is "leaving the process" after 10 years because he needs a rest.