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While two of the five portions of the Turkish military's Helicopter Electronic Warfare Suite (HEWS) program have been successfully finished by subsequent contracts, Turkish defense authorities guaranteed that despite political and economic crises plaguing the country, the rest of the HEWS project will continue on time.
For the HEWS program, which calls for a radar warning receiver, laser warner, and radar jammer, proposals were received on December 14, 2001, from eight firms: ITT (Clifton, NJ), Goodrich (Danbury, CT), Elisra, Elta, BAE Systems, MBDA (Ulm, Germany), Thales (Paris, France), and Marconi (Rome, Italy).
Hews to have a broader, more strategic focus, and to integrate Wi-LAN's WAN business and Wi-LAN's affiliates, TIL-TEK and DTS.
While several international candidates have expressed continued interest in the HEWS program, only Goodrich had submitted its offer to SSM at the time the extension was granted.