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All told, Pedowitz said that "Supergirl" fans "should not be worried in any way, shape or form" by the show's impending hiatus.
Of the total 107 sacra three showed agenesis of sacral hiatus (Fig.
It was fall 2012 when the hiatus was announced at the request of series star Louis C.
Explaining the hiatus could bolster support for a UN climate deal, due to be agreed by almost 200 governments at a summit in Paris in late 2015 to avert ever more floods, droughts, heatwaves and rising sea levels.
Several ideas have been put forward to explain this hiatus, including what the IPCC refers to as "unpredictable climate variability" that is associated with large-scale circulation regimes in the atmosphere and ocean.
4 degrees Celsius) between 2000 and 2100, but with two decade-long hiatus periods during the century.
Since no word in Persian may begin with a vowel, so that hiatus can't be considered immensely in Persian.
Q After several months of discomfort and suffering regular episodes of a burning sensation in my chest I've just been diagnosed as suffering with a hiatus hernia.
Sandler's hiatus allowed her to focus on her daughter as well as enjoy downtime activities such as spa visits and playing tennis.
But unlike the first time she was away, when she missed the first 11 games because of an avulsion fracture in her pelvis, this brief hiatus was good news for Johnson.
For ballet lovers, the sexy Dutch National Ballet makes a rare appearance, Pennsylvania Ballet returns to New York after a 20-year hiatus, and Pacific Northwest Ballet presents Paul Gibson's gorgeous The Piano Dance.