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Blanco revealed that he initially planned to give the said song to an artist he liked during his hiatus but said "it didn't work out."
"Above and beyond the impact of vaginal birth, the size of the genital hiatus may be an independent marker for those at greatest risk of prolapse progression," the authors write.
Palpating the bilateral sacral cornua is essential to locate the sacral hiatus in the conventional landmark-based technique.
The show, which documents the lives of the Kardashian family, went on hiatus after Kardashian was held at gunpoint inside her Paris residence on Oct.
The course of PACN from the piercing point through the deep fascia, designated hiatus according to MacAvoy et al., until the nerve crossed the IEL was followed.
As the dural sac terminates around the level of S2, the distance from apex and base of the sacral hiatus to the level of the S2 spine was also measured.
But one all-important word was conspicuously not on the lips of the assembled alarmists: hiatus. They studiously avoided that word like the plague, and with good reason; it threatens their entire agenda.
Meanwhile, One Direction, giving one of their last performances before their hiatus, played it casual.
ONE Direction denied that they will be releasing solo albums after the band go on an "extended hiatus" from March 2016.
This warming hiatus, as it came to be known, had climate researchers scrambling for an explanation.