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But when they hibernate their brains become inactive as their temperature drops from 35C to a chilly 10C; a drop that would simply kill non-hibernating animals like the squirrel.
Researchers from Duke University said these lemurs may provide an insight into human sleep, as they are the closest genetic relative to humans that are known to hibernate.
Because this winter has been unusually mild, the hedgehogs haven't been eating enough to get up to the weight they need to be, as they don't think it's time to hibernate yet.
Abstract: Hibernate ability to work with multiple types of database management systems can be used to integrate a heterogeneous database.
It also offers scientists working with him the perfect opportunity to learn more about how these creatures hibernate.
lt;p>Allow me to answer by way of a mnemonic: hibernate is great.
My mum thinks he could be cold and might just be starting to hibernate.
Hibernate Search, a full text search library, uses Hibernate's facility with data structures to inform and guide the text searching tool Lucene.
In northeastern Europe not many places are known where bats hibernate in great numbers.
Pershore College's animal care centre in Worcestershire has found the perfect place for Timmy to hibernate in this year.
A previously undocumented lethal condition has been found among bats that hibernate in caves and mines in Western Massachusetts, New York and Vermont, according to state wildlife officials.
I No Longer Desire Turtles": I turn my turtle loose/at the end of summer;/like an escaped convict/it dips under brown leaves/to hid and hibernate.