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HIDE, measures. In England, a hide of land, according to some ancient manuscripts, contained one hundred and twenty acres. Co. Litt. 5; Plowd. 167; Touchst. 93.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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On the same day a visit was made to the other shop of the same name, in Wellington Road, Handsworth, and a further 248 packets of illicit cigarettes were discovered hidden in exactly the same way - in a concealed drawer hidden behind a counter plinth.
A CITY beauty spot hidden behind a Quinton school has been given a new lease of life after the community rallied round to improve its condition.
The second investigation begins with the discovery of bones hidden behind a wall in a house Edgar Allen Poe lived in.
The grease fitting for the fan pulley bearing is hidden behind the fan blades.
But nothing further could be gleaned as to what kind of information might be hidden behind this abstract surface.
The sunlike star itself lies hidden behind a thick disk of gas and dust.
The national park of Cap de Creus partially protects this territory, but the special architectonic beauty of strata is always hidden behind a veneer of Mediterranean vegetation.
A CITY beauty spot hidden behind a school is set for the spotlight after residents ralled round to improve its condition.
On the other hand, with its multitude of projected images, fake drive-in setting, and three-wheeled car, the sprawling installation is more likely to evoke feelings of claustrophobia (in a bit of Preminger's film quoted by Starr, the kidnapped Bunny turns out to have been locked in the trunk of her uncle's sports car), foreboding (as if to emphasize that Preminger's film isn't sufficient to the project it inspired, Starr borrows the idea of a killer hidden behind the screen of the drive-in from another movie, Peter Bogdanovich's 1967 thriller Targets), and perverse eroti cism (Starr includes overthe-top footage of a guy slowly and feelingly buffing the "Bunny Lakemobile").
Instead, he and Lars-Ake Nyman of the European Southern Observatory in Santiago, Chile, and the Onsala Space Observatory in Sweden propose that the body consists of two aging stars hidden behind a lane of dust.
Hidden behind a fine traditional nineteenth-century facade in a chic shopping district of Paris, the design of a new shop is a coolly luminous expression of modernity.