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Traditionally, the problem of evil and hiddenness have been construed as arguments against the existence of God.
72) Remarking that hiddenness is essential to the work of suffering, Buber continued, "Each of them can be the fulfilling one; none of them in his self-knowledge may be anything other than a servant of the Lord.
Shi'ites believe it was there that the Mahdi was put into a state of hiddenness by God in order to protect his life.
On this feast, it points in particular to the revelation of God in the hiddenness of the baby Jesus.
Part One, "The Discourse of Theology," introduces the theme of the hiddenness of God in the De Doctrina.
In every skirt fold and blouse button, one could sense the new longing for hiddenness.
These three things--self-consciousness, hiddenness, and the centrality of translation--seem not merely suggested by Maturana and Varela's insights bur compelled by them.
Whiffs of the country house mystery occasionally hang in the air; some of the essays appear to promise that sense that all difficulties are made easy when they are known, even while they admit that the need for equivocation and encryption, for secrecy and hiddenness in the heavily proscribed culture of English Catholicism necessarily entails an epistemology of the priest hole, a structure unknowable and unseeable from the outside.
The mirroring effect is, as Adorno for instance has argued, the effect of ideology (12): the subject is posited as either in a state of complete hiddenness or in a state of complete transparency.
From my standpoint, there had always been a mystery about the state hospital; a hiddenness about it," he said.
Also at work in this oscillation at the point of entry is a desire to have these secret interiors kept secret by the paradoxical entrance of a third, or even a fourth as we have in this case--either to witness the secret penetration, to participate in penetrating the interior (as does the second prostitute when she watches Walter peep and observes him in his penetrations of the first prostitute), or to emphasize the hiddenness of the interior by keeping knowledge of it from another (here the anonymous man).
Malcolm Bull, in Seeing Things Hidden, defines hiddenness as that which occurs when cognition and experience fail to connect.