hide away

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Now he understands them, And they call him by his name, So, this gentle giant, Who wouldn't harm a fly, No longer has to hide away, No longer wants to cry
However, even though something may not be your cup of tea, it may be somebody else's, so please don't hide away any gifts you won't use - take them into your nearest Sue Ryder Care shop where they can be converted into vital funds to provide more hours of care.
Oscar must be wearing his Pampers of invisibility a lot because life at the Brannings just makes a chap hide away.
Rather than hide away she is facing the world and showing how attractive you can still be even after the dreaded chemotherapy sessions.
First, they hide away the very funny and very inventive US comedy Arrested Development in a 7pm weekday slot on BBC2 - before moving it to after 11pm on a Sunday.
She wants to just hide away and somehow survive high school, but loyalty to Sari forces Jess to go to some parties and get involved in the machinations of the relationships among the other students.
So hide away your boiling piss, pour the brain into a taxi and kill
The Deputy Prime Minister had made clear his disagreement with the Prime Minister - so to hide away, instead of facing the music, left the Lib Dem a political laughing stock.