hide the identity of

See: blind, obscure
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In a case of sexual harassment at work it is suggested that we should go a step further and hide the identity of the accuser even from the accused.
The cameras will also be installed at the coding centre, where the barcode is added to answer sheets to hide the identity of copies.
The seized equipment is likely to be used in terrorist acts, as it will hide the identity of the caller and the place where he is, the ministry warns, adding that this will impose huge losses in foreign currency to the three mobile operators.
Large chunks of the London street including the detective's fictional home are owned through a network of offshore companies which hide the identity of the true owner.
The talented Lebanese singer has recently released the news that she's fallen madly in love but continues to hide the identity of her mystery main man.
Not only was I thrust into the spotlight because of my participation in MTV's The Real World during its New Orleans season, but that spotlight hindered my efforts to hide the identity of my boyfriend.
Attorney-General can invoke national security to hide the identity of informers supplying information against immigrants.
I think it's highly unlikely that he would have done this to his own work, so lovingly made, and if he had wanted to hide the identity of some of the women, he could have used masks, as he did in some of the pictures.