hide the truth

See: perjure
References in classic literature ?
So they dared no longer hide the truth from her, but said it was the will of Heaven, and that her birth was only the innocent cause of it; but the little girl mourned sadly about it every day, and thought herself bound to do all she could to bring her brothers back; and she had neither rest nor ease, till at length one day she stole away, and set out into the wide world to find her brothers, wherever they might be, and free them, whatever it might cost her.
But they resolved also to hide the truth from the Earl.
Hide the truth as you may (I said), a time will come when our child will know what you are keeping from her now.
Polly looked up to thank him, but never did, for there was something deeper than gratitude in the honest blue eyes, that could not hide the truth entirely.
Sparsit, in point of high connexions, you are on a level with the aristocracy, - did I say, or did I not say, to that fellow, "you can't hide the truth from me: you are not the kind of fellow I like; you'll come to no good"?
Because, Hetty, you are shutting up your soul against him, by trying to hide the truth.
And possibly, too, he hoped by his rude and sneering behaviour to hide the truth from others.
Six in ten hide the truth from their partners and a third lie to their parents.
Theresa struggles to hide the truth when DI Andrews breaks the news to Carmel, and she confesses that Gaz didn't pull the trigger.
In order to hide the truth from Frankie, she tells him his dad is a sailor and sends the boy fake notes.
The Project's mission is to hide the truth about UFOs, not only from the public but from most people in government, as well.
A source said: "Phil's trying to shield her from Heather's body, but he may also be trying to hide the truth.