hide underground

See: blind, obscure
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For plumbers that want to add these necessary leak detections to their services, LeakTronics offers online training packages that include the Plumbers Professional Leak Detection Kit with all the equipment necessary to find leaks anywhere on the property, including leaks that hide underground. Interested plumbers, or those who want to start their own leak detection business, can find information on the official company website, or can call or email for more information.
Children who hide underground to escape bombardment, on the pavements of large cities, in the hold of a boat over-laden with immigrants...
Skunks tend to hide underground during the day in burrows dug with their strong front claws.
Though such films have had a traditionally tough time in Teuton, Rheon, who plays the psychopathic Ramsay Bolton on "Game of Thrones," is a star among genre auds, and therefore, Alvart feels, an ideal choice for Christian Pasquariello's debut feature "Sum1," about a young soldier stationed in a desolate forest while the remnants of humanity hide underground from alien invaders.
In case of war, hide underground. I learned to purify water, named
Bakri, to be sure, did not hide underground -- he was a presence in Tripoli, and he did not moderate his incendiary speech since disembarking here in 2005.
A family who hide underground during the Cuban missile crisis reappear in the strange new world of the Nineties.
The show takes us to the year 3006 where people hide underground from the raging weather, pollution and global warming outside.