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Lotte Ellis, director of Hilltop Hideaways - whose family have owned and farmed Hilltop for generations, said: "We want to offer a real escape into the beautiful Warwickshire countryside but with a little luxury thrown in as well.
My Cool Shed: An Inspirational Guide To Stylish Hideaways And Workspaces by Jane Field-Lewis, photography by Tina Hillier, is published by Pavilion, priced PS14.
The business model of the Hideaways Club is to offer its investors an exclusive membership for the use of overseas holiday homes.
The Hideaways Club concept consists of two unique pillars: a fund and a private members club, said a statement.
Commenting on this new move Mike Balfour, Chairman and co-founder of The Hideaways Club, said," I've had a long relationship with the UAE and have always believed that The Hideaways Club would appeal to the unique demographics here.
The properties are fully maintained and serviced on behalf of the Fund investors, and by buying a share in the Fund investors automatically become members of The Hideaways Club.
Great for barbecues and parties, they can be left up as a summery outdoor room ( the perfect garden hideaway.
Even if its not Southwold or Aldeburgh, home of the famous music festival, Heritage Hideaways has a range of cosy cottages in historic seaside villages such as Dunwich and Walberswick.
To add more gravitas, HideAways have been embraced by a wide range of Special Forces soldiers the world-over and there's a fast-building collector base on the rise.
From large resorts to secluded waterfront hideaways you will find the perfect place for your vacation, plus friendly locals to make it memorable.
On Sunday, fans can see just how tidy he (or his housekeeper) is, when Donna Hanover, host of the nationally syndicated ``Famous Homes & Hideaways,'' visits his colorful manse in the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, which is featured in the series' new makeover segment.