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Finally, in our "Last Word" op ed column--a space usually reserved for the opinions of the venerable and titled in the industry--we get the lowdown from Matt Rosenhoover, a young account executive at The Barclay Group, who explains why insurance is anything but hidebound, boring and risk averse.
analyzes scientific texts, the thought of Kant and Longinus, and the works of Blake, Shelley, Wollstonecraft, and Byron to find the period's ideas about sexuality were not as hidebound as has been assumed.
According to campaign documents, the CTO would work with top techies at all executive branch agencies, and through them cajole the hidebound bureaucracy to "use best-in-class technologies and share best practices.
Sarkozy was elected last May on a pledge to shake up the hidebound French economy, cut back on public sector workers and modernise the state s many institutions.
THERE is a widely held perception, that the English folk music tradition has been overshadowed and even overwhelmed by its close Celtic neighbours, thus rendering it sterile and hidebound.
Secretary of Defense certainly did not endear himself to the bank's bureaucracy by challenging hidebound policies and trying to stem corruption.
Plucked from retirement by investor Henry Kravis to reinvigorate a hidebound British brokerage, Plumeri managed to turn Kravis' $300 million investment into $3 billion.
Entering the rotary volumetric filling market was a bold move but a very positive statement of our intent that we will not be hidebound by what have become accepted practices and principles.
As recording equipment becomes cheaper, and as it becomes easier for musicians and filmmakers to upload their wares to the Internet, real talent will be recognized and popularized without the approval of a hidebound entertainment industry.
Without hidebound European regulations Australians are free to blend grapes grown across this vast area, enabling their wine companies to build brands, which need not be tied to a defined piece of land.
A young dance troupe crosses the country in an ancient bus, bringing its upbeat message to the hidebound provinces in "Autobus.
However, and to his great dismay, he cannot convince these hidebound merchants.