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The participating states agreed to do their share in the comprehensive strategy against ISIS, including, stopping the flow of foreign fighters through neighboring countries, countering financing of ISIS and other extremist groups, repudiating the ideologies of hate adopted by those terrorist groups, holding perpetrators of those hideousness acts accountable, ending their impunity trials and bringing them to justice, contributing to humanitarian relief efforts, assisting with the reconstruction and rehabilitation of communities brutalized by ISIS, supporting states that face the most acute ISIS threat, and, as appropriate, joining in the many aspects of coordinated military campaign against ISIS.
Their killing is filled with mutilations and hideousness that distort (the image of) Muslims," Al-Asheikh said.
Their killing is filled with mutilations and hideousness that the distory (the image of) Muslims," Grand Mufti Shaikh Abdul Aziz Al Shaikh said.
While from above we can see the work as a to-and-fro between one extreme and another--beauty and hideousness, happiness and tragedy--which amounts to a kind of closed loop, an eternal recurrence, from ground level the field seems infinitely open in character, plot, idea.
Such change pushes aside the hideousness or even monstrosity of death and locates it on the margins of popular culture.
But I'm glad that he was, especially now he expects us to believe all his disgusting rudeness, sexism, chauvinism, misogyny and general hideousness was all an "act" as he claimed in his defence.
In 1883, for example, textile designer and artist William Morris lamented England's cities as "mere masses of sordidness, filth, and squalor, embroidered with patches of pompous and vulgar hideousness, no less revolting to the eye and the mind.
There simply aren't enough words to convey the hideousness of what has happened to Sean Emmett losing his wife.
Using an extraordinary range of illustrations he then expertly traces the garden-square's growth until the present where it survives amidst the hideousness of modern buildings.
These brave subcreators do not hide their faces (nor ours) from the hideousness of sin, or even just the vagaries of cultural confusion.
It is a stirring, stimulating opera created by three composers, and if the singers seemed almost more enthusiastic when rehearsing it than they did with the Gershwin piece, this is entirely to be expected, since Mandela has now become canonised and is a hero, and for the singers this was their recent history taking in the hideousness of the grim apartheid years.
With eyes wide open to the hideousness of his offense, a brave, imaginative, and morally sensitive man commits a stealthy murder for gain.