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These latter goals were achievable only with the aid of State-sanctioned corporate entities, including the Church, which could resist the country's strong bent toward "vulgarity, hideousness, ignorance, [and] violence" (Culture and Anarchy 150).
19) The hideousness of the pictures also works to convey the persistence of the mark of Cain in the Glyde family.
Social media platforms were awash with testimonials about the hideousness of war and heartbreaking images of murdered kids, something not driven by agenda or censorship attempts.
Like Roquentin, alienated hero of Nausea and Sartre's stand-in, certain of O'Connor's characters are repelled by a hideousness of "truth" they perceive in things, find themselves in a world in which they do not count (are de trop), and become physically nauseated when faced with certain ontological truths.
The whole show is designed to be horrible, Not only is Anne jawdroppingly rude, they crank up the hideousness by periodically plunging the studio into darkness between rounds.
The hat-trick of hideousness was completed on Tuesday, when VB popped to the shops in NYC, wearing a STT (see-through top) and a bra that was, shall we say, more about comfort than style.
My money's on a study in hideousness from Korean giant Ssangyong.
As someone who is cognisant that he is not always loved by everyone, I must confess to a grudging admiration for the coverage Mr Hoogstraten achieved -notwithstanding the hideousness of his crime.
When I think of Jacques Derrida, I think of the wretchedness of grad school, what a horrible, disillusioning period that was for me, university hideousness, especially in the downsized late '80s.
To the hideousness of nineteenth-century industrialization is added the desolation of twentieth-century obsolescence.
What a sad achievement of our arrogant century, this hideousness, this sinking into an unprecedented lack of civilization, and on top of that in the heart of Europe?
This praiseworthy and agreeable custom seems early to have established itself, with the ultimate and unforeseen result that every seaside town was soon equipped with several tea-shops, that steadily increased in number and hideousness right up to the present moment, when they have surely reached a pitch of ingenious ugliness that, one hopes, can never be surpassed.