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Army units targeted and destroyed terrorists' hideouts and vehicles in the areas of Kifr Zeita, Atshan, al-Zakaa, Abdoun, Tulul al-Humr, Adlah and al-Haddaj in Hama countryside, a number of terrorists were killed or injured in the process.
Earlier this week, at least 15 people were killed as Pakistani fighter jets targeted suspected insurgent hideouts in three different Tehsils of the North Waziristan tribal region.
If the efforts to arrest and identify the hideout of the former Libyan dictator by the revolutionaries fail to yield results, an operational team, including the US commandoes, will be dispatched to Tripoli and they will be tasked with conducting operations to arrest Qaddafi and his sons," Commander of Tripoli Military Operations affiliated to Libya's National Transitional Council Brigadier General Jalil Rafat told FNA.
The official said that the recovery of blood transfusion plant from Fazlullah's hideouts indicates that he had medical experts who were know how to use the plant.
Another unit destroyed terrorist hideouts in the villages of Mumtanna, al-Zbaida al-Sharqiya, Rasm al-Khawaled, Oum Batina, and al-Taiha.
On the other hand, airstrikes hit seven militant hideouts in North Waziristan Agency.
Earlier on January 21, Pakistani fighter jets had pounded several suspected militant hideouts in Mir Ali area of North Waziristan agency killing over 40 militants including foreigners.
However, insurgent hideouts still exist in parts of Orakzai.
According to an ISPR press release, fighter jets assailed six militant hideouts and destroyed arms, explosive and landmine reserves.
Two hideouts were destroyed in the shelling killing 10 extremists and injuring several others.
Acting on a tip off, security forces launched an operation in the forest area of Balakote sector near the ceasefire line in the district and located the two hideouts.
A number of terrorists' hideouts in Degan, Datta Khel in North Waziristan Agency, were targeted by jet aircrafts.