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Stegnography, literally means "covered writing", is a tool of hiding information in a suitable media i.
ant Naturally the critter with the most hiding places is a tiny one.
In the latest series of tests, Clayton and her colleagues provided a jay with some waxworms, a desirable treat, and offered two trays for hiding.
The project's goal was to determine the relationship between the volume percent of solids in coatings and the hiding of the coatings.
For more information, check out: Information Hiding Techniques for Steganography and Digital Watermarking edited by Stefan Katzenbeisser and Fabien A.
Bancroft then took other strands of DNA and mixed them together in a process of concealment called steganography, or hiding one thing among many similar things.
Instead, biologists typically speculated that the birds must follow a few simple rules, perhaps having favorite types of hiding places.
Added material includes Anne's perceptions of her parents' loveless marriage, an innocent tryst while in hiding and her days in the concentration camp, all of which makes the story infinitely more moving.
Courts have found that the following facts are particularly relevant to proving knowledge: 1) inconsistent statements, 2) implausible stories, 3) a large quantity of valuable contraband, 4) nervousness, 5) failure to ask any questions regarding the nature of a trip, 6) more contraband or drug paraphernalia found in the subject's possession, 7) lack of surprise upon discovery of the contraband, 8) scanning for police surveillance, 9) accepting a package without question or surprise, 10) hiding a package once it is delivered, and 11) inquiring abo ut the status of a package in anticipation of its delivery.
A complete educational and employment history of the spouse suspected of hiding assets.