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"And there are no hiding places in the gym because the S&C (strength and conditioning) staff are on you all the time, making sure you're working to a level of professionalism that fits in with this team and will mean you're the kind of man they'll want to take to the World Cup.
The hiding places of dacoits are being razed to the ground, police said, adding that houses in the area are being searched as well.
The drugs and money were concealed in various hiding places around his home - including under the floorboards, beneath insulation in the loft and within wall cavities.
Many of the cigarettes and tobacco packs, which had been counterfeit or smuggled to avoid tax, were found hidden inside sophisticated hiding places. Some of the secret compartments could only be opened by remote control and were built into shop counters or operated a lift mechanism built into the floor or walls.
You can remove any possible hiding places for them - clean up mulch etc around the base of your plant - or create hiding places to trap and remove them.
Called for by the G8 under the UK's presidency, the new global standard is said to mark a step change in the ability of governments to fight tax evasion and remove the remaining hiding places for those looking to evade taxes.
Not least of which is in the morning room, which looks out onto the rear garden, and houses a priest's hole, This was the term given to hiding places for priests built into many of the principal Roman Catholic houses during the period when Catholics were persecuted by law in England.
They were important because they also knew other hiding places, A few lucky Jewish children's parents who were hiding nearby came to visit them in their hiding places.
Another of my hiding places was a space under the Welsh dresser in the kitchen where there was room to curl up and you could see the light of the fire reflected in a large brass-topped hob that was kept beside the fireplace and on whose cool smooth surface I would rest my forehead if I had a cold.
The animals are kept in an open-air cage of around 1 hectare in size that has hills, hiding places,and feed boxes.
The staff spent the day making dens and hiding places while exploring the grounds to find new ways to capture the imaginations of children.
He introduces readers to this search, defining what scientists know about the nature of dark matter and introducing candidate hiding places known as massive compact halo objects (MACHOs).