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The HealthlinkNY HIE offers electronic access to patients' community-wide health records and serves as the region's access point to the Statewide Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY), supporting collaboration between healthcare providers across the state.
The following analyses were performed: (1) Bland-Altman analysis was used to evaluate the agreement of TMS between the two observers; (2) linear correlation analysis was applied to show the distribution of the TMS score according to PMA in mild HIE and control group separately, and the power of the linear correlation coefficients (R) was classified as follows: R =0.
The odds of having severe HIE or death increased if the Apgar score at 5 minutes was <5 (OR 9.
EMR and HIE vendors, with the aggressive public focus on easy interoperability, must implement business models that reward themselves for creating value from the information being exchanged, not for the mere transport of the payloads.
In 2013, a survey of HIE entities from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation determined that three out of four were struggling to develop a business model for their organization.
She maintained that patients should be the centre of the HIE system as well as drive the process.
Thus, it is important to look for useful predictors early in the course of HIE, preferably within the first 6h after birth (10).
When he shows up in the ER confused and unable to provide a good history due to lithium toxicity, ER physicians would not be able to access his clinical details via the HIE if he has opted out.
Rok chief executive Garvis Snook said: "Being reappointed to deliver the Prime Contractor Framework underlines the high quality of our work and the strong relationship we have developed with HIE.
We look forward to continuing to work closely with HIE throughout the new framework contract.