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13), who studied the ratio of urinary lactate / creatinine in a group of non-asphyxiated infants and a group of asphyxiated infants, who were further subdivided into two subgroups, one who developed HIE and the other did not develop HIE.
The $548 million in HITECH funds for HIE support being distributed to the states under a coop, erative agreement program with ONC is seed money to get at least something going to standardize and connect both existing and newly formed HIE networks, unlike the government's past approach to advise and encourage but not subsidize.
The fully-managed model allows SJCHIE to easily incorporate additional healthcare organizations into its HIE and quickly offer new services and technologies to clinicians and patients in the San Joaquin County area.
The speaker explained that there was a commitment on the part of Qatar's government to establish a HIE in Qatar.
HIE may have precipitated his stroke but it didn't cause it.
During the past 4 years, on the other hand, private HIEs "have really blossomed," he says.
LaBarge, a health IT veteran currently working as a consultant, whittles the failure of the HIE down to three specific reasons.
Additionally, says Scarboro, NC HIE has partnered with the state to connect approximately 1,500 ambulatory practices within a three-year period that began in 2013.
When an HIE is aggregating data to create a community health record, ensuring the integrity of its community master person index (MPI) is key to success.
Information obtained through ClinicalConnect HIE is an incredibly valuable resource for real time clinical decision making at the point of care.
If any exists, the HIE automatically populates the hospital EHR with the patient's lab or radiology reports or clinical summaries.
Nancy Ham, CEO of Medicity, a Salt Lake City-based HIE vendor, says that while technically HIE is challenging, there is plenty of proof that it works.