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In trust-based organizations where the KS culture was functional, offering incentives increased positive sharing--a result most often observed in HIED.
2) "Kui Innimenne se Auu, mis Jummalalle ukspaine peab annetama, sellele annab, kennele se ei sunni; kui: Kujud palluma, arasurnud Puhhad appi huudma, saetul Ajal umbusklikud Tootused vima, Ma-Emma ehk Ma-allusid tenima, monda Paika, Maggesid, Kivvi, Hallikuid, Sauna-Leili, Hied ehk Puid Metsas puhhaks piddama, neile vahest Ohvrid vima, kahja teggema, ehk teisitau vorad Jummalad piddama" (Catechism 1694, 9).
Some labouring men, whose work lay somewhere there, Passed opposite; she touched her girl, who hied Across, and begged, and came back satisfied.
The Jewish people who were part of his antiapart hied campaign were always telling him my gags.
Nussimbaum/Bey hied himself off to Positano, Italy, where he wrote radio propaganda for Mussolini and died of gangrene during the broadcast of one of his pieces.
self-preserver hied away from grotto lawns, feeder upon
Thither we hied, and many were the good things that Mrs.
Rather than brandish our liberties in the face of friend and foe alike, we have hied off with them to an unnamed bunker behind barbed wire for safekeeping.
If you give too much booze to a well-balanced, happy person the usual result is that they'll have a giggle, dance on a table and sing "Auld Scotch Mother Mine" before crawling into bed, only to wake up the next morning with a hippy hied and a bit of a riddy.
It was one thing to visit a person with AIDS in the hospital on occasion, but when that hospital alternated with a mental ward, and when the visitors found out just how dependent Jason had become on them for human contact, they quickly s hied away.
Except that with so much money spent, so many reputations on the line, including that of the national government, once Rome realized the full horror of the cholera threat to Naples, its only response was to deny and then to hied it.
He then hied off to the United States and soon was living with an Indian woman from Goa.