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23) that reads "paw-cakes of wheat, 70"; of the two possibilities, the transcription of 30 appears to be the correct reading of the hieratic.
They do better when they don't try so hard-as in the simpler, almost hieratic presentation of "Les Incas.
A tree structure is indeed a god-like source, branching into districts, into villages, into streets, possibly zones even, in a hierarchic and hieratic way.
This is the type of attentiveness that Harold Bloom's hieratic gushiness precludes: it finds in particulars the central urges and assumptions of the overriding movement.
Guyot shows that Bloy created a highly personal Latin that is neither the Classical archetype of Republican virtue, nor the hieratic sign of God's presence on earth, but rather a varied and flexible medium that, combined with French, more easily expresses a radical esthetic and apocalyptic theology.
One actor recalls the hieratic clarity of a Byzantine saint," the introduction to the accompanying book tells us.
Employing his singular brand of hieratic, Marxist-inflected
It is as if his normal respiration were in cursive, demotic, or hieratic scripts and acrophonic principles--a if he had always been able to read obelisks and coffins.
In fact, it is the literalness of hieratic and hierarchical ordering in the proper sense of both terms: sacred power, the sacrality of power and the power of the sacred making up a full, autonomous and exclusive order, representing for itself the immanence of its own transcendence, appropriating it in its self-image.
I think that probably sex and bureaucracy are not often bedfellows, however--the hieratic nature of bureaucracy could certainly be said to be sexual because it's about power.
Likewise, critics of the middlebrow culture which was often the terminus of autodidacts are painted as a closed and cynical hieratic priesthood desperately creating an employment niche in a world where everyone can read and form an opinion.
in the unseen worlds that echo and dunk and rise / like marionettes dropped from the hieratic stars.