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1943: A limestone ostracon with seven lines of hieratic text may include a mention of the qnb.
The unremitting attention to detail in the papal portrait alongside the more hieratic image of the king highlights the versatility of Velazquez's portraiture.
9 As most know, Iamblichus famously venerated theurgy, that is, the hieratic arts, over philosophy insofar as, for Iamblichus, mere intellectual understanding prevents those who simply contemplate from true union with the gods.
These included Matter, a hieratic figure of a naked man holding a block of stone inscribed with the shape of a foetus, and Maternity, a fullbreasted woman, naked from the waist up, who stands holding a baby.
After all, any facsimile, however well drawn, always represents the subjective rendering of the original and therefore makes it possible that wrong interpretations lead to incorrect readings, especially in the case of difficult and/or damaged passages in hieratic texts.
Like her Woman with Packages, 1949--Bourgeois's self-portrait as a "Personage," in which drooping sacks around the hieratic figure's waist suggest shopping bags (the sacks, in fact, represent her children), a version of which was included in the show--the "Personages" manage to capture a moment in which totemic eternity meets the quotidian now of modernity.
Thomson has searched out pictures few of us have seen, or passed over unthinkingly on our visits to provincial galleries, and one of the pleasures of his well-illustrated volume is to come across good colour reproductions of such arresting discoveries as Jacques-Emile Blanche's hieratic The Host of 1891-92 (Musee des Beaux-Arts, Rouen), a modern-day 'Supper at Emmaus' set before a bourgeois sideboard.
and numerous Hieroglyphic, Demotic, and Hieratic texts record travelers and quarrying expeditions in the region throughout the Old, Middle, and New Kingdom periods and later.
We might also think of Henri Matisse's Dos (Backs), despite everything that separates those works' hieratic classicism from the still-contained violence of the blows orchestrated by Leveque.
Likewise, Donker Van Heel (Abnormal Hieratic and Early Demotic Texts Collected by the Theban Choachytes in the Region of Amasis [Leiden, 1995]) has provided an extensive reevaluation of our understanding of Saite lease documents.
Simultaneously, Pollock replaced Rothko as a tutelary spirit, while the artist also ventured after strange gods--Chinese poetry and calligraphy, bears, hieratic "attendants," and numerical symbolism.