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After reading a little more of the book on Egyptian hieroglyphics, and renewing his interest in it, Alexey Alexandrovitch went to bed at eleven o'clock, and recollecting as he lay in bed the incident with his wife, he saw it now in by no means such a gloomy light.
In Captain Carter's manuscript it is mentioned always by the name used in the written language of Helium and is spelled in hieroglyphics which it would be difficult and useless to reproduce.
He turned up the cloth and found these hieroglyphics carved upon the wood with a knife:
The embarrassment of the polite Gauls at such an unlooked-for occurrence may be easily imagined, but picture their consternation, when all at once the royal lady, eager to display the hieroglyphics on her own sweet form, bent forward for a moment, and turning sharply round, threw up the skirt of her mantle and revealed a sight from which the aghast Frenchmen retreated precipitately, and tumbling into their boats, fled the scene of so shocking a catastrophe.
Clare regarded her attentively, conned the characters of her face as if they had been hieroglyphics.
Our Order imitates the ancient societies that explained their teaching by hieroglyphics.
When he approached closer to one of these tablets he saw that it was of gold, and bore many hieroglyphics.
And you pretend, Nicholl," asked Michel, "that by means of these hieroglyphics, more incomprehensible than the Egyptian Ibis, you can find what initiatory speed it was necessary to give the projectile?
Hieroglyphic writing form was not easy to be written on papers, that is why ancient Egyptian simplified the signs of the Hieroglyphic ones.
edu/2017/06/20/yale-archaeologists-discover-earliest-monumental-egyptian-hieroglyphs) Yale University , which worked with the Royal Museums of Art and History in Brussels, researcher John Coleman Darnell refers to the symbols as "formative stages of the hieroglyphic script.
Wednesday's statement said the chamber contains four canopic jars and a plate with hieroglyphic writings meant to protect the body.
Hieroglyphic Luwian: An Introduction with Original Texts, 3rd Revised Edition.