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Even as HIEs continue to grow in number and in breadth of scope, healthcare leaders within and outside HIE organizations see stumbling block after stumbling block facing the sector in the next few years, and are asking what, if anything, could be done at the federal level to address the problems they see as hampering the long-term success, stability, and sustainability of health information exchange.
When DCN first was launched, accessing HIE information required physicians to leave their practice EHR systems and log into a portal.
UPHIE recently selected ICA to be its HIE vendor and executed documentation for it to become an active, qualified data-sharing organization offering a new level of services to the entire Upper Peninsula via the Michigan Health Information Network (MiHIN) backbone to the rest of Michigan.
Jason Buckner is vice president of operations for HealthBridge, which provides HIE connectivity for the greater Cincinnati tri-state area and five other HIEs.
With HIEs, a provider now has a reliable source for finding healthcare information, which is starting to reduce the incident of duplicative test.
In many successful HIEs, leaders have gotten the concept off the ground, implemented a plan, and moved forward at rapid pace.
The speaker explained that there was a commitment on the part of Qatar's government to establish a HIE in Qatar.
Joining IEHIE gives the hospitals, clinics, payers and public health departments in SJCHIE quick access to powerful and comprehensive HIE technology and services, plus the proven governance and legal expertise of IEHIE that will enable better care for patients in San Joaquin County," said Dr.
One of these options involves granular consent policies for HIEs and EHRs.
Internet technology has enabled sophisticated messaging models and data aggregation by a new crop of HIE vendors.
They are the ultimate beneficiaries of the increased efficiency and quality of care made possible through HIEs.