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In many successful HIEs, leaders have gotten the concept off the ground, implemented a plan, and moved forward at rapid pace.
Speaking to Gulf Times on the sidelines of a one-day roundtable titled 'Doha e-Health Dialogues-The Communication Exchange', she said: "People have to use the HIE in order to report public health information on public health surveillance and in order to exchange referrals.
Internet technology has enabled sophisticated messaging models and data aggregation by a new crop of HIE vendors.
They are the ultimate beneficiaries of the increased efficiency and quality of care made possible through HIEs.
Contrary to Podesta's and Nagpal's beliefs that HIE isn't flourishing--there are still only a handful of success stories (in the tens, not the hundreds or thousands), simply because it's an early-adopter market, Nagpal says--other health IT leaders, including Tripathi, feel that health information exchange is indeed thriving.
ADOA-ASET provided programmatic oversight to the State HIE Cooperative Agreement Program (SHIECAP).
Technology considerations and other factors have made integration with public HIEs complicated.
Over the last few years, our HIEs have really focused on getting providers connected; but now, in Texas and across the nation, the focus is on more advanced forms of HIE including notifications and analytics to support better health outcomes.
The workgroup was launched in February 2011 to leverage existing standards and develop consistent implementation guides to support interoperability between HIE software platforms, and the applications that interface with them.
Motivated by a governmental push, HIEs are happening; it's up to the vendors and end users to figure out how to best facilitate the process--from development to selection to implementation and, finally, the logistics of day-to-day use.
Truven Health Analytics, formerly the Healthcare business of Thomson Reuters, today announced the launch of HIE Advantage Analytics, a new data analytics suite designed to help public health officials access and analyze operational and clinical statistics housed within state-wide health information exchanges (HIE).