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Polanyi (1944) found that in antiquity "the idea of profit is barred; higgling and haggling is decried; giving freely is acclaimed as a virtue; the supposed propensity to barter, truck, and exchange does not appear" (49).
Of Wythe's devotion to the cause of independence, Jefferson said:</p> <pre> On the first dawn of that [Revolution], instead of higgling on half-way
On workplace relations issues one can readily discern this by reverting 100 years to such notoriously mistaken disparagements of the outcomes of 'the higgling of the market place' by Justice Higgins or by drawing on the present day perspectives of Justice Kirby, such as his exaggerated assertions that the national industrial system has had 'big successes' in 'avoiding nation-wide strikes' and in 'providing rapid response' by 'bringing disputing parties around the table' (Kirby 2001).