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The collection included thousands of rounds of 105mm, 81mm and 76mm white phosphorus mortars; tear gas; flares; smoke grenades; fragmentation grenades; and 90mm high explosive antitank rockets.
Daher challenged army Operations to intervene and stop the smuggling of hundreds of tons of high explosives into Syria.
As an example of a high explosive, the firing train of a block of Composition C-4 happens this way: An M81 fuse igniter sends the initiating shock down a tube, which sparks the primary high explosives in a blasting cap, which generates the needed heat and shock, which causes the C-4 to explode.
But the cover of the container reads 'High Explosives'," he added.
The statement issued by the German News Agency last night said: "An attempt on the life of the Fuehrer was made with high explosive today.
In the previous example of the lesser threat, an error exists in the details; gunpowder is not a high explosive. It sounds scary to say "high explosives," but this statement would reflect the threatener's lack of knowledge, again suggesting low commitment and lack of ability to carry out the threat.
It is alleged the men stored chemicals to make high explosives at Sparkbook terrace and a business unit in Tyseley.
The high explosive device went off at 11.28pm on Saturday night just as Easter drinkers left nearby pubs.
Preliminary forensic tests on the bomb have shown that it contained high explosives - possibly Semtex, which has been linked to republicans.
After removing a layer of high explosives that surrounds the heart of the bomb, the robot will carefully lift out an enclosed ball of plutonium or uranium and seal it inside a shielded canister.
General Manager, High Explosives Factory, Khaadki, Pune- 411 003
BAGHDAD / NINA / Federal police command announced the dismantling of a large plant for making car bombs and making improvised explosive devices in the center of Fallujah, noting that the plant included tens of tons of high explosives. The Federal Police Chief Lt.

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