high honor

See: prestige
References in classic literature ?
Still less could Levin say that he was a knave, as Sviazhsky was unmistakably an honest, good-hearted, sensible man, who worked good-humoredly, keenly, and perseveringly at his work; he was held in high honor by everyone about him, and certainly he had never consciously done, and was indeed incapable of doing, anything base.
An acquaintance of mine said the other day that he was doubtless the only American visitor to the Exposition who had had the high honor of being escorted by the Emperor's bodyguard.
As Tara was departing from the chamber with E-Thas and the guard, O-Tar leaned close to her ear and whispered: "Consider well during these seven days the high honor I have offered you, and--its sole alternative.
Amy especially enjoyed this high honor, and became quite a belle among them, for her ladyship early felt and learned to use the gift of fascination with which she was endowed.
The pope and Caesar Borgia first found the two future cardinals; they were Giovanni Rospigliosi, who held four of the highest dignities of the Holy See, and Caesar Spada, one of the noblest and richest of the Roman nobility; both felt the high honor of such a favor from the pope.
It was not his cue to appear at all conscious of the high honor he thus unexpectedly enjoyed; but, by leading his guest into the conversation, to elicit some important ethical ideas, which might, in obtaining a place in his contemplated publication, enlighten the human race, and at the same time immortalize himself - ideas which, I should have added, his visitor's great age, and well-known proficiency in the science of morals, might very well have enabled him to afford.
She knew he was studying very hard, aiming at High Honors and the Cooper Prize, and he took little part in the social doings of Redmond.
It's an extremely high honor and it's something that can never be taken away from you.
Monty Tech named the following Sterling residents to their principal's list, high honor roll and honor roll:
High honors went to: Tyler Armey, Anthony Himmelberger, Jessica LaComfora and Nicole Putnam.
A high honors graduate of the University of Florida College of Law, Bachman earned her bachelor of arts degree with high honors at the University of Florida as well.
High honors went to: Lauren Beary, Felipe Bispo, Stephen Burke, Jasmine Celestin, Jessica Costello, Sarah Frias, Christopher Gibbons, Daryl Jent, Brendan Kittredge, Syndey Knoll, Melanie Leblanc, Jonathan Mayou, Michael McAndrews, Rachel McGown, Jennifer Noel, Cullen O'Malley, Rishaini Obispo, Duke Ogeto, Robert Orchard, Adriana Orellana, Eben Philbin, Kelsey Rodgers, Christopher Sambuchi, Juliana Tambolleo, Stephen Tencati, Kristopher Vazquez, Thomas Wickham and Alexandra Zapantis.