high ideals

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And if anything about this chapter should seem to contradict the high ideals of the chapter preceding it, I can only say that, though the episode should not rigidly fulfil the conditions of the transcendental, nothing could have been more characteristic of that early youth to which I had vowed myself.
If high ideals make a young man rude, the sooner he gets rid of them the better," said Mrs.
The great friendship which had sprung up between these two men whose lives and training had been so widely different had but been strengthened by association, for they were both men to whom the same high ideals of manhood, of personal courage, and of honor appealed with equal force.
Doubtless to the Puritans it seemed that their long fight against the theater had ended in permanent triumph; but this was only one of many respects in which the Puritans were to learn that human nature cannot be forced into permanent conformity with any rigidly over-severe standard, on however high ideals it may be based.
Old and young liked the frank, cheerful young man with his high ideals, and the bright, gentle little lady who assumed the mistress-ship of the manse.
He was an estimable young man, honest, amiable, with high ideals.
At such moments she found justification for her treason to her standards, for her violation of her own high ideals, and, most of all, for her tacit disobedience to her mother and father.
He said the university needed ever so much more money this year than the state was willing to furnish; and that it must come from wealthy personages who could not but be offended by the swerving of the university from its high ideal of the passionless pursuit of passionless intelligence.
His high ideal of citizenship offers to those who can satisfy its claims the prospect of a fair life; those who fall short are deemed to be different in nature and shut out entirely from approach to the ideal.
After all, it makes political sense to pursue the high ideals of justice and the rule of law, and in the process gain critical political mileage.
We are very excited and honoured to be affiliated with the UN Department of Public Information as this collaboration will not only promote the high ideals of the UN but also help us in our goal to activate a million young leaders and entrepreneurs who will drive a billion people out of poverty," Manav Subodh, Co-Founder of 1M1B said on the partnership.
Cornwell turns myth and legend into 5th century reality in a superbly written saga of blood, politics, passion and high ideals.