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Now by the abolition of serfdom we have been deprived of our authority; and so our husbandry, where it had been raised to a high level, is bound to sink to the most savage primitive condition.
The cares of a kingdom do not stoop the shoulders, they do not droop the chin, they do not depress the high level of the eye-glance, they do not put doubt and fear in the heart and hang out the signs of them in slouching body and unsure step.
He was [29] meant--we see it in the variety, the high level both of matter and style, the animation, the gravity, of one after another of these thoughts--on religion, on poetry, on politics in the highest sense; on their most abstract principles, and on the authors who have given them a personal colour; on the genius of those authors, as well as on their concrete works; on outlying isolated subjects, such as music, and special musical composers--he was meant, if people ever are meant for special lines of activity, for the best sort of criticism, the imaginative criticism; that criticism which is itself a kind of construction, or creation, as it penetrates, through the given literary or artistic product, into the mental and inner constitution of the producer, shaping his work.
Holmes had the impersonal joy of the true artist in his better work, even as he mourned darkly when it fell below the high level to which he aspired.
While we discussed the thickening traffic with the superiority that comes of having a high level reserved to ourselves, we heard (and I for the first time) the morning hymn on a Hospital boat.
Confronted with the Hairy Ainus, he had touched a high level of facetiousness.
I only observed that in the upper regions the water was always colder in the high levels than at the surface of the sea.
Taug could not climb as rapidly as Tarzan, so the latter reached the high levels to which the heavy ape dared not follow before the former overtook him.
The company, which uses proprietary methodology and accounting metrics to evaluate corporate risk, considers high levels of stock repurchases as a risk indicator, since these can be intended to artificially boost stock prices and improve reported earnings-per-share by reducing the number of shares outstanding.
We've had to meet the challenge of playing at a very high level and I think we have.
EnergySolutions will integrate technologies and services focused on decommissioning and decontamination, spent fuel handling, transportation, high level waste management and disposal of nuclear waste.
He not only manages his store, but becomes personally involved with making sure customers receive a high level of service on a daily basis.

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