high pressure

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Major Thomson was still in travelling clothes, and had the air of a man who had been working at high pressure for some time.
So saying, the thoughtless fellow lit a match by striking it on the sole of his boot; and approached the burner fixed to the receptacle, in which the carbonized hydrogen, stored at high pressure, sufficed for the lighting and warming of the projectile for a hundred and forty-four hours, or six days and six nights.
But he had an approved tolerance for others; sometimes wondering, almost with envy, at the high pressure of spirits involved in their misdeeds; and in any extremity inclined to help rather than to reprove.
Wilson put on enough clothes for business purposes and went to work under a high pressure of steam.
His fire was waiting incandescent, his steam was at high pressure, in a few seconds he could make the long strap move at an invisible velocity.
As Miss Squeers said this, in the tone of one who has made a high moral resolution, and was, besides, taken with one or two chokes and catchings of breath, indicative of feelings at a high pressure, her friend made no further remark, and they bore straight down upon Nicholas, who, walking with his eyes bent upon the ground, was not aware of their approach until they were close upon him; otherwise, he might, perhaps, have taken shelter himself.
combined with her unusual ability to make her entire life one of too high pressure, and her first struggle was religious.
I remember that he took his whack of champagne with the nervous freedom of a man at high pressure, and have no doubt I kept him in countenance by an equal indulgence; but Raffles, ever an exemplar in such matters, was more abstemious even than his wont, and very poor company to boot.
BASFs high-quality high pressure equipment has been adopted in many LDPE plants worldwide.
The current high pressure cell is also the source of the cold from the east.
Then they survey various types and applications of processes, among them low-density polyethylene high-pressure process, high-pressure-high-temperature power plant processes, and the impact of high pressure on enzymes.
If successful, this would indicate that high pressures also could be used to control Listeria monocytogenes.

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