high priority

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Only 21% of the AA members surveyed and 28% of the RAC in the poll thought motorways widening should be given a high priority.
He has successfully delivered more than a billion dollars of military articles and services to critical allies worldwide and played a key role in high priority military aid programs for the governments of El Salvador, Colombia, Haiti and others.
Nevertheless, almost nine out of 10 retailers cite reduction of employee turnover as a high priority, a reflection of the nation's historically low unemployment rate during the past several years.
Two out of three replying to the society's survey on diversity and equal opportunities said that diversity was a high priority, and 77 per cent expected it to become even more important to their organisations over the next two years.
It is not surprising that family members see "improve communication with family" as a high priority, but it is not as clear why administrators and DONs would not mention this at all.
Priority" and "high priority" community rehabilitation needs were also identified as those concern items rated both high in importance and low in satisfaction with community response, and those concerns with the highest proportions of priority or high priority need ratings included the more general concerns about the knowledge of people with disabilities regarding their rights and the response of local and tribal government to the needs of people with disabilities, along with more specific concerns in the areas of job training and employment opportunities, public and tribal schools, and special living arrangements for people with disabilities.
Because bank systems and bank employees are the first and strongest line of defense against financial crimes, the Federal Reserve places a high priority on ensuring that banking organizations have appropriate controls in place to protect themselves and their customers from criminal activities.
Cohen considers the concerns of the AICPA's young members a high priority as well.
A condition assessment was completed in 1998 and 350 sites were classified from a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the worst site and a high priority for repair and replacement.
Punjab Agricultural Research Board (PARB) has approved Rs 450 million for the year 2012-13 to fund high priority research projects in Crops, Livestock, Forestry and Fisheries sectors under Competitive Grant System (CGS).