high regard

References in classic literature ?
But she seemed to be a good sort of fellow, and showed a high regard for the Aged.
I think there can be no man here who has not a respect, and some of you, I am sure, have a very high regard, for my friend Adam Bede.
To win the support of Southern opinion and to shape it was a necessary part of the task; and in this he has so well succeeded that the South has a sincere and high regard for him.
The prince paid his compliments to Mademoiselle de Tonnay-Charente, Buckingham devoted himself to Madame Chalais and Mademoiselle de Lafayette, whom Madame already distinguished by her notice, and whom she held in high regard.
He put it aside by merely repeating that he had a high regard for Mr Doyce.
A person, whose confessor I am,' replied he, `and who entertains a high regard for me, applied to me a short time since to procure him a confidential servant.
The Saudi royal family, led by King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, has high regard for President Duterte, who was invited by the Saudi monarch to his private residence, the Erga Palace, presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella said on Tuesday.
It has been a fantastic achievement and Gus deserves to be spoken about in high regard.
In the meantime, the poll revealed that 77 percent do not "hold the US government in high regard," while 69 percent do not "hold it in high regard at all.
Summary: The United States has a "very high regard for the extraordinary progress" made in Morocco over the last years, U.
2 : a feeling of respect <She was held in high regard.
Always held in high regard by Nick Savva, the January '06 (Droopys Kewell-Mega Delight) bitch blitzed home in Hove's Coral Sussex Puppy Trophy on Thursday, recording an impressive 29.