high regard

References in classic literature ?
But she seemed to be a good sort of fellow, and showed a high regard for the Aged.
I think there can be no man here who has not a respect, and some of you, I am sure, have a very high regard, for my friend Adam Bede.
To win the support of Southern opinion and to shape it was a necessary part of the task; and in this he has so well succeeded that the South has a sincere and high regard for him.
The prince paid his compliments to Mademoiselle de Tonnay-Charente, Buckingham devoted himself to Madame Chalais and Mademoiselle de Lafayette, whom Madame already distinguished by her notice, and whom she held in high regard. As for the Comte de Guiche, who had abandoned Monsieur as soon as he could approach Madame alone, he conversed, with great animation, with Madame de Valentinois, and with Mesdemoiselles de Crequy and de Chatillon.
He put it aside by merely repeating that he had a high regard for Mr Doyce.
"`A person, whose confessor I am,' replied he, `and who entertains a high regard for me, applied to me a short time since to procure him a confidential servant.
The Kenyan Parliament has in the past been held in high regard especially for the fact that it comprised of serious leaders who had a reputation.
I have high regard for your competence and expertise, which make you fit for this position,' Legarda, chair of the Senate finance committee, wrote in a Twitter post.
Dr Wan Azizah via a Facebook posting said the Pakatan Harapan government would always prioritise Islamic views on issues of national administration and viewed the advice of muftis and Muslim scholars in high regard.
Aidan O'Brien admitted being surprised the Galileo colt had learned so little from his debut experience and clearly holds Mount Everest in high regard. So a mile up the Curragh might bring out the best in him.
Ciervo added that she expects continued slow organic growth in the near term, even as her outlook for the longer term remains bullish "based on its leading industry position and our high regard for management, which has a history of topping Street expectations and achieving high returns on invested capital".
Nigeria's Ambassador to the Netherlands, Oji Ngofa, on Sunday said the decision of the International Criminal Court to invite only President Muhammadu Buhari among other world leaders to the 20th anniversary of the Rome Statute of the Court was an indication of the high regard in which Nigeria is held.