high reward

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It was his vision and his dream, his Romance and Adventure, the goal of all his effort, the high reward for the salt-ploughing and the long, long furrows he ran up and down the whole world around in his farming of the sea.
And the other high rewards of writers, that he had read about, must be lies, too.
The entertainment film industry is without a doubt, a High Risk - High Reward industry.
Presenting a high reward, Daniyar Narymbayev noted a significant contribution of Aida Salyanova to the fight against crime in Kyrgyzstan, and in particular, in the fight against corruption.
Fatfish targets to identify and develop high reward internet chances that are both scalable and high margin.
Without charging any annual fee, the card delivers high reward point values and unlimited earnings, while the points can be redeemed for cash, gift cards, merchandise, or travel.
Rewards vary in 'value' and a high reward will increase the dog's vigour.
Loxton confirmed that these findings support the role of greater food wanting in high reward sensitive individuals in response to appetitive food cues.
From making the decision to enter this high-risk, high reward career to signing a contract and beyond.
That is the game we want to play, which tends to be high risk and high reward.
By this age, those young people who grew up with emotionally cold, punitive parents frequently had turned to violence, crime, and substance abuse if, as 16-year-olds, they also exhibited high reward sensitivity.
The biggest downside to being a CIO at that level is "it's high risk, high reward," Agar said.

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