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He realized that Bob was not vicious nor mean, the trouble being that he was bursting with high spirits and was endowed with more than the average horse's intelligence.
My girl was in high spirits, and I saw she had something to say to me.
Sancho, who thought his master was in danger of being thrown, jumped off Dapple, and ran in all haste to help him; but by the time he reached him he was already on the ground, and beside him was Rocinante, who had come down with his master, the usual end and upshot of Rocinante's vivacity and high spirits.
The free trappers, being newly rigged out and supplied, were in high spirits, and swaggered gayly about the camp.
She went away in high spirits as soon as she had given Mary her breakfast.
The French officers grimaced and smiled in exceedingly high spirits, wonderfully pleased with the discreet manner in which these distinguished personages behaved themselves.
All those things should be allowed for in youth and high spirits.
He was full of high spirits and humour, debonair, with all the obvious claims to popularity.
Alban, rattling on hitherto in boyish high spirits, suddenly became serious.
Levin spent that evening with his betrothed at Dolly's, and was in very high spirits.
Pickwick; the new servants were all alacrity and readiness; Sam was in a most unrivalled state of high spirits and excitement; Mary was glowing with beauty and smart ribands.
They were all in high spirits and good humour, eager to be happy, and determined to submit to the greatest inconveniences and hardships rather than be otherwise.