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Army officers and jawans defending and safeguarding geographical frontiers of the motherland are imbibed with high spirits and morale and readiness for offering all sacrifices in this noble cause are duly encouraged and bolstered when they are visited by their Chief quite frequently.
Stills taken from Boro fan Jayne Dale's video show fellow supporters in high spirits despite the team's defeat
She's in high spirits,' Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon told reporters.
The Coleraine man was in high spirits when interviewed wearing a Northern Ireland football shirt prior to the Jackal's bout against Scott Quigg in Manchester on Saturday.
I've come up against them enough times in training to know how hard it will be but everyone is in high spirits, especially after winning at the weekend.
Today the preservation of high spirits at the market might be spoilt by the data on industrial orders in Germany and
Reports that he has gone missing are not true - and I saw him coming out of the bathroom where he was in high spirits.
HIGH SPIRITS The year once more comes to an end Worry expense is now over my friend Dismantle the tree, pick up the mess And just for now your well free of stress A giving of gifts and Christmas dinner Whether you be saint or sinner That jolly good knees up, whisky, cigars And crisp frosty nights as you gaze at the stars The works office party That little black dress By the end of the night you''re a big drunken mess Then the new year''s upon us You know how you do Make those good resolutions That you rarely stick to Here comes the first foot They''re bringing you luck As cheers then erupt When twelve o'clock''s struck And all is quiet on new years day High spirits left behind A lull of peace is in the air To you and all mankind M WARREN, Monkseaton A DOORWAY TO.
The performance of the missile forces showed high spirits which represented the ability of the Syrian missile forces to defend the homeland.
He's in high spirits and we hope to have him back at the QE by Thursday afternoon if all goes well.
The Scot was in high spirits, which quickly infected the whole theatre.
My mole tells me: "Madonna was charming and in high spirits throughout the entire time.