high structure

See: edifice
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Mr Moore said the lightweight fence they installed on the Golden Ears Bridge had proved to be a deterrent in the nine years since the 300ft high structure spanning the Fraser river opened.
Hadrian's Tower - in Rutherford Street, off St James' Boulevard - will be a 26-storey, 82m high structure comprising 162 apartments.
The 12m high structure previously had steam emitted from it.
This grade features a high structure (126 cc/100g OAN) and very high surface area (270 m2/g)--both of which are required parameters to achieve conductivity.
It opens on June 1 and will feature an interactive exhibition exploring the island's volcanic systems with the showpiece being the Fiery Heart of Iceland, a 40ft high structure simulating the magma flow underneath the land.
A total of 625 piles, ranging between 12 metres to 25 metres in length, have been driven into the ground to provide foundations for the 180-metre high structure.
No buyer could be found for the 41m high structure that has resided there since the hotel was built in 1983.
The towering truck belonging to DIY giants B&Q became wedged under the 10-foot high structure across Hillview Road in Bonnybridge, near Falkirk.
The 18m high structure is already visible from the A19 flyover and is set to become one of the most prominent landmarks on the horizon.
Alain Robert, 52, completed climbing the 1,007-foot high structure in just 70 minutes on Sunday.
HS 22, with low specific surface area and high structure, is said to provide rubber compounds with excellent extrudability, and extruded articles with very smooth surfaces.
Existing Acclaim Academy schools cater to students with or without JROTC experience who desire high structure and a college preparatory curriculum.

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