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However, as the high technology market statistics indicates, the development in this sector in Lithuania is not that dynamic.
Optimal Public Sector Support for the high Technology Sector in the Presence of Dynamic Venture Capital Funding [online] [accessed 12 October 2008].
Executive Director of the New York State Office of Science, Technology and Academic Research (NYSTAR), said, "Under Governor Pataki's leadership, the Center of Excellence initiative has become the most critically important component of the State's high technology economic development efforts.
Governor Pataki and the Legislature have advanced several major initiatives to expand high technology and biotechnology business and job-creation opportunities in New York.
TSX-V:RAR)has as its mission to become the largest Canadian developer of high technology and a producer and recycler of specialized metals for high value-added applications.
By organizing this Summit, Manugistics provides a forum for executives in the rapidly changing high technology industry to share experiences on their strategic supply chain initiatives and to network with customers, colleagues and experts.
High technology manufacturers and their channel partners work with Encover's service marketing and sales experts to transform services into a strategic competitive advantage by improving installed base visibility, streamlining the service contract lifecycle, and improving partner and customer loyalty.
Nasdaq:DSGX)(TSX:DSG), a trusted provider of supply chain solutions, unveiled the Descartes for High Tech(TM) enterprise suite to Asia's high technology business leaders in Japan.
LNS Communications provides strategic communications counsel and results-oriented public relations programs and projects for small- and medium-sized high technology companies.
The Santa Clara Computer & High Technology Law Journal was founded in 1984 by the students of SCU School of Law.
Our e-commerce offering is the most comprehensive resource in the life science and high technology industry, and the selection of Hubspan will help us continue to be the e-Business leader," said Brad Johnson, director of e-business, Sigma-Aldrich Corporation.

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