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HIGH. This word has various significations: 1. Principal or chief, as high constable, high sheriff. 2. Prominent, in a bad sense, as high treason. 3. Open, not confined, as high seas.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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For folks not thoroughly familiar with Philippe's extraordinary feat, the surprise in the film is that he did not just walk the high wire one time.
But while that film is remarkable, there is very little footage of the actual high wire walk itself.
But while that film is a remarkable document, it was always a little limited in that there is very little footage of the actual high wire walk itself.
At the meeting on June 8 she said "from a political point of view, it is a bit like being on a high wire without a net at times, it can be quite exciting".
The self-proclaimed 'King of the High Wire', Nik Wallenda, has announced plans to tightrope walk across a section of the Grand Canyon, without a harness.
Washington, June 17 ( ANI ): American high wire artist, Nik Wallenda was ecstatic after he became the first person to cross Niagara Falls on a high wire on Friday.
However, Wallenda is the first person to do so on a high wire, which is strung at a much greater height and over the edge of the gorge and across the widest part of the ravine, which is up to 1,800 feet.
After being in the centre of US politics for decades, she expressed the desire that it might finally be time to "get off the high wire."
Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty said the province will help the town of Goderich recover from a tornado which killed one resident and caused widespread damage AUSTRIA High wire artist Freddy Nock balances as he walks up on the rope of a Feuerkogel cable car in Ebensee yesterday.
The park is offering daily high wire acts by the 'Pirates of the Colombian Caribbean' group, from June 11 to August 21, 2011, as part of its summer entertainment for children.
But fans of the traditional circus will not be disappointed as all of the mind-blowing acts - from the high wire to jugglers - are incorporated into the performance.