high worth

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She is one of those examples--perhaps as good a one as there is--of love, and attachment, and fidelity in such a nation, which England may well be proud of, but of which no order can appropriate the whole pride or the whole merit, because such an instance bespeaks high worth on two sides--on the great side assuredly, on the small one no less assuredly.
The speeches of the two candidates, though differing in every other respect, afforded a beautiful tribute to the merit and high worth of the electors of Eatanswill.
ABL Business, based in Cleckheaton, has linked-up with Wetherbybased Praesum Partners to offer specialist commercial funding to high worth entrepreneurs and their businesses worldwide.
The FBR's official briefed the Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi last week during an official meeting on "Tax Reforms" that the broadening of tax base was top priority as they identified 10,000 high worth individuals who were spending a lot of money for living and maintaining luxurious lifestyle but they were reluctant to file their income tax returns.
Located at premium intersection in busy, high worth demographic area.
The plant will have Novus proprietary Novus Bio-Catalytic Conversion System (NBC), an incorporated, bio-catalytic process that transforms organic feed-stocks to a spectrum of high worth products in one streamline, turn-key operation.
The campaign also offers other high worth cash prizes ranging from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 million.
This is an exciting opportunity for businesses to be supported to take their first steps into the Chinese market, with more than 600 million people and a growing band of high worth individuals.
As a thank you for taking part, you'll be entered into a prize draw to win PS100 vouchers, which can be used across a whole range of high worth of LovetoShop vouchers, which can be used across a whole range of high street stores.
By Salman Siddiqui/Staff Reporter Argentina's LNG imports from Qatar reached an all-time high worth $1bn in 2013 and is set to increase further in the coming years, a senior Argentine official said yesterday.
GCC women's high worth net market is currently $224 billion and if given the right opportunities, these potential investors can add enormous value to the private sectors of their country.
Legal and tax experts working in Hato Rey's Golden Mile told Bloomberg News they are fielding calls daily from wealthy technology, finance and other high worth executives exploring a move to Puerto Rico.