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HIGH. This word has various significations: 1. Principal or chief, as high constable, high sheriff. 2. Prominent, in a bad sense, as high treason. 3. Open, not confined, as high seas.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'The arrest-despite pleas for reason and common sense-shows the high-handedness of our police who discriminates between the rich and powerful and the poor and exploited.
The protesters allege high-handedness by the security forces and
The former prime minister had failed to demonstrate the "moral seriousness" he had promised, while "spin" and "high-handedness" intensified, he said.
The PML-Q president strongly lashed out at the police high-handedness meted out to a teenager of his family and refuted the allegations in the police FIR that included the use of abusive language against the CM.
Pushpa Kamal Dahal resigned as prime minister on May 4 stating that presidential high-handedness had created parallel power centres against the spirit of the interim constitution.
Her strategy is not to attempt to counter every bit of criticism, recognizing many examples of "high-handedness and misjudgment" in American history, but is instead to argue that critics of the US exaggerate the worst, take the best for granted, and ignore the complexity imposed on the country by its size and constitution.
Involved in a peace process with Nepal's seven party government, the Maoists have lately drawn widespread criticism for their ''acts of excesses and high-handedness.
Welsh nationalists came out of the shadows and into the welcomed glare of publicity when their aspirations were boosted by Liverpool's high-handedness.
Responding to demands that something be done, Congressman Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) insists he's had enough of the UN's corruption and high-handedness. Last November, before the end of the last Congress, he introduced legislation to reduce U.S.
Critics complain that the proposal represents upper-class high-handedness, given that many of those who need a health club membership to combat obesity cannot afford one.
The labor leadership argues that part of its strategy is to protest the high-handedness of the government's labor revisions.
High-handedness, incompetence, self-defeating anti-European posturing, misjudgement of the public mood - all have been displayed during the BSE crisis.