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One has to do with the discovery of stacks of ''payer unknown'' pension premium payment records and the public's anger with the high-handedness with which the government tried to address the problem.
Involved in a peace process with Nepal's seven party government, the Maoists have lately drawn widespread criticism for their ''acts of excesses and high-handedness.
This displays once again the arrogance and high-handedness that is typical of this Labour Assembly Government.
That recognition, however, quickly becomes an occasion to dismiss the critical claims associated with it, as resentment of its perceived exclusivity and high-handedness rushes to the surface.
insists he's had enough of the UN's corruption and high-handedness.
Critics complain that the proposal represents upper-class high-handedness, given that many of those who need a health club membership to combat obesity cannot afford one.
He told the Gazette: "I thought it was completely unfair and an indication of the high-handedness of local authorities.
Wilde (played by Faville with a blithe high-handedness that sidesteps caricature) and his fiancee Florence Balcombe (the always arresting Marci Hill) are hosting the skeptical, scientific Doyle and straight-man Stoker at a hypnotism display by the mysterious Professor Dvapara (mockingly magnetic newcomer Danan Pere), an ``exotic'' colonial who looks like Tim Curry and talks like Vincent Price reading Carl Jung.
He said: "Allegations of high-handedness are a total nonsense, the conditions are far better than the previous workplaces.
The labor leadership argues that part of its strategy is to protest the high-handedness of the government's labor revisions.
High-handedness, incompetence, self-defeating anti-European posturing, misjudgement of the public mood - all have been displayed during the BSE crisis.
The North should watch its moral high-handedness here: C.