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Al-Asheikh emphasized that Haia men should be accountable for their high-handedness.
This same media has laid the blame already for any inconvenience suffered by workers affected by the strikes at the feet of unions and their members with barely a mention of Government intransigence, high-handedness or culpability in the strikes.
The regime's high-handedness against the demonstrators forced the Egyptians on the streets to raise slogans that called for the overthrow of the regime.
Mr Miliband - the bookmakers' favourite to win the leadership contest - said: "Far from correcting them, failings - tactics, spin, high-handedness - intensified.
The PML-Q president strongly lashed out at the police high-handedness meted out to a teenager of his family and refuted the allegations in the police FIR that included the use of abusive language against the CM.
The apex court decision has vindicated the allegations of misuse and high-handedness of the SAD-BJP alliance to corner their political opponents.
Pushpa Kamal Dahal resigned as prime minister on May 4 stating that presidential high-handedness had created parallel power centres against the spirit of the interim constitution.
The administration's high-handedness in the war on terror already has taken its toll at home, with a string of defeats in the Supreme Court, upheaval in the Justice Department and a criminal investigation into the CIA's destruction of videotapes of ''enhanced'' interrogations.
One has to do with the discovery of stacks of ''payer unknown'' pension premium payment records and the public's anger with the high-handedness with which the government tried to address the problem.
This displays once again the arrogance and high-handedness that is typical of this Labour Assembly Government.
That recognition, however, quickly becomes an occasion to dismiss the critical claims associated with it, as resentment of its perceived exclusivity and high-handedness rushes to the surface.
This is yet another example of the high-handedness and arrogance which has forced parents into taking this unprecedented step.