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Because Congress adopted a two-tier tax treatment system on cigarette products, the retail price difference between PMFTC's most popular high-priced brand Marlboro and Mighty's cheap brands has prompted smokers to down-shift to the latter after the new excise tax regime took effect in 2013.
It's clear that the use of ARMs in high-priced markets for new homes is a reaction to house price increases that have outpaced household income gains.
If the big American brewers can't make differentiated high-priced beers, then the demand for these products will be filled by international players, who will be more than willing to continue to reap the profits that high-margin beers confer.
Because these high-priced products contain baking soda, manufacturers say.
Nor did they want to engage in a discussion of why states with big population centers and high-priced homes, like California, are getting shorted on the limits.
But foreign investors were net buyers in volume terms, indicating they were shifting from high-priced shares to low-priced ones.
A piece that generated hundreds of new subscribers to this high-priced product proved that a high-priced fax and e-mail service was not only viable but an incredibly valuable new profit center.
If these bidders are not bona fide princesses, we are left with some very high-priced toads.
The main driving forces behind IBD market expansion will be the increased uptake of current and novel high-priced biological agents and growth of the diagnosed prevalent populations in the United States and United Kingdom.
In April ferrous scrap buyers found themselves needing to purchase enough scrap to fill orders, but not wanting to get caught with high-priced inventory.
dollar, foreign investors moved to buy high-priced tech issues whose prices seemed to be relatively cheap, brokers said.
High-priced prostitute: ``I bet your hourly rate is more than mine.