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Medi-Cal plans like ours are hit especially hard by high-priced specialty drugs C treating just a small number of cancer patients with six-figure oncology treatments can take a big bite out of our pharmacy budgets," added Amy Shin, CEO of the Health Plan of San Joaquin, also a participant on today's panel.
I no longer publish high-priced B2B newsletters, so you could say I'm no longer stuck in the old paradigm.
If the big American brewers can't make differentiated high-priced beers, then the demand for these products will be filled by international players, who will be more than willing to continue to reap the profits that high-margin beers confer.
Because these high-priced products contain baking soda, manufacturers say.
But as 2006 begins, most ferrous scrap processors find themselves eager to keep buying and selling scrap (ferrous as well as high-priced copper and aluminum) and say they don't see the signs that might point to a rapid fall.
Nor did they want to engage in a discussion of why states with big population centers and high-priced homes, like California, are getting shorted on the limits.
But foreign investors were net buyers in volume terms, indicating they were shifting from high-priced shares to low-priced ones.
A piece that generated hundreds of new subscribers to this high-priced product proved that a high-priced fax and e-mail service was not only viable but an incredibly valuable new profit center.
If these bidders are not bona fide princesses, we are left with some very high-priced toads.
The main driving forces behind IBD market expansion will be the increased uptake of current and novel high-priced biological agents and growth of the diagnosed prevalent populations in the United States and United Kingdom.
Growth Will Be Fueled By Increased Use of Current and Emerging High-Priced Biologics, According to a New Report from Decision Resources
The utility took a slightly long power supply position and anticipated selling the excess into a continued high-priced electricity market through 2001.