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Lucy (Bullock) is the high-principled lawyer with a social conscience who meets property developer George (Grant), a man who makes millions by trampling on the little people.
Under the Ming Dynasty, in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, several high officials who were ordered to return to their duties after a much briefer period of mourning leave were vehemently criticized by high-principled officials.
But the FCC apparently aims to end this practice in a high-principled, idealistic fashion.
Her refusal to lose hope, and Robert's high-principled influence, make "Nuyorican Dream" inspiring as well as frequently devastating.
Catherine McCormack, who was Mel Gibson's tragic bride in Braveheart, is the romantic but high-principled Stella, who is engaged to a naval officer.
They've forgotten that Tony Blair was once a high-principled breath-of-fresh-air inBritish politics.
But if we are really going to be high-principled about this war then surely it would be immoral, if not corrupt, to profit from our own devastating attacks?
That is not high-principled steadfastness, it is high-handed arrogance.
Mabruq's high-principled handyman friend Mahmmud determines to uncover the true culprit.
The high-principled rebel was back with a vengeance.