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But before Paul Wolfowitz could high-five Condoleezza Rice, Havel warned that eerily similar high-sounding rhetoric was used to justify the Warsaw Pact's indefensible 1968 invasion of Prague.
The bishops "float seven high-sounding precepts, not one of which holds any promise of improving the situation in the Middle East.
Have nothing to say, but use a great many words, particularly high-sounding words, to say it.
We find that if we are not worth the expressing, no one has the time to listen, that high-sounding phrases and carefully chosen words are but breath blown into unheeding and unhearing space.
Some try to argue against the evidence for these and other counterproductive consequences of high-sounding policies.
My expectations were raised", wrote one traveller in 1854, "by hearing that we were about to cross a Balkan; but I discovered 'ere long that this high-sounding title denotes only a ridge which divides the waters, or a mountain pass.
The movement is expressive of moods, though not of any of the high-sounding thoughts printed in the program.
Jan-Willem Jansens is putting such high-sounding talk to work.
He extracted humor from weird figures of speech, big words, and high-sounding expressions, but often delivered himself of shrewd aphorisms, and in this respect was again a model for Mark Twain.
Then, perhaps wanting a more high-sounding cause, he invoked "a new international order.
Nevada (US), Dec 30 (ANI): Maltreatment of European Roma (Gypsies) worsened during 2011 despite high-sounding paper strategies, conferences and funding to integrate them, distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed stated in Nevada (USA) today.
At its core is a high-sounding "Pan-Canadian Commitment to Timely Service".