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The more temperamental animals continued to act high-strung and flighty after the endotoxin challenge.
Yet Lopez still applied her own stamp through coaching--she's taught ballet for years and served as executive director of The George Balanchine Foundation--and showcasing young wonders such as 2011 "25 to Watch" Renan Cerdeiro (a high-strung god in Apollo) and Nathalia Aria and Jennifer Lauren (winsome Blue Girls in Les Patineurs) in the October program.
Taylor Swift's We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together came in second, with Rolling Stone describing the sugary pop hit as "a perfect three-minute teen tantrum about country girls getting mad at high-strung indie boys".
Put up for adoption by Dubai-based animal group Friends of Animals, Obama was high-strung and temperamental, but he had little difficulty finding a new home, thanks to his illustrious name.
The high-strung, profane female lead is memorably played by Taraneh Alidoosti, who is part of the ensemble of actors in Asghar Farhadi's About Elly.
The show's initial eight episodes will follow the high-strung, potty-mouthed Meyer and her equally high-strung and potty-mouthed staff -- which also includes press liaison Mike (Matt Walsh), righthand man Gary (Tony Hale) and secretary Sue (Sufe Bradshaw) -- as they contend with the media, the unseen president, Meyer's constituents and the unforgiving, dogeat- dog, seemingly 24-7 nature of their jobs.
I've learned how to handle big animals--we get some racehorses and jumping horses here, and they can be high-strung. After a while, you learn how to read them and judge what to do around them.
Yosep Kang was a decent, lyrical Alfredo, though his tone was mildly high-strung. Jana Kurucova was a dusky-voiced Flora for this Goetz Friedrich revival, a carousing courtesan who whooped it up with Burkhard Ulrich's Gastone in the simulated bullfight (alternately as the matador and then the bull) in the Finale secondo.
For one, the idea of spending hours-or worse, a weekend-navigating a mall packed with high-strung shoppers, is enough to turn any man comatose.
The experience of using the new woods is akin to when I traded in my old wooden tennis racquet for one of those high-strung beauties with the massive sweet spot.
Sadly, many people never consider adopting a Greyhound because of the misconception that these docile dogs are high-strung and require constant exercise.
"What will the future bring?" is the question of the hour, reflecting a shift to a level-headed concentration on one's own capacity rather than the high-strung cut-throat attitude of the past.