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As a result, this technology is well suited for high- throughput screening and will be a powerful addition to the PE Biosystems' and BD Biosciences' state-of-the-art fluorometric microvolume assay technology ("FMAT") high-throughput screening system.
Researchers now face the challenge of ensuring greater compatibility with high-throughput screening (HTS), which is emerging as one of the most sought-after technologies to perform cell-based assays.
Under the terms of the three-year, multimillion dollar agreement, Tripos and Parke-Davis will jointly design, develop and test a wide range of methodologies and software tools for the analysis, interpretation and follow-up of high-throughput screening data.
This acquisition is part of Sybron's expansion into the high-throughput screening and drug discovery market.
The RapidFire(TM) system has now been used to identify lead compounds in a wide range of high-throughput screening projects, ranging from key metabolic disease, cardiovascular, and oncology targets to novel targets in the anti-infective and anti-fungal areas.
Under the agreement, Affitech receives a license to use XOMA's bacterial cell expression (BCE) technology for developing antibody products using Affitech's phagemid display-based Breitling antibody libraries, CBAS(TM) technology and the AffiscreeN(TM) high-throughput screening system.
Only in the past few years has high-throughput screening become available to universities.