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Due to the inaction of the authorities concerned including Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), the scammers, who were previously using fake cash prizes schemes as a tool to deprive the subscribers of their hard earned money, have now put their highhanded antics to the next level-by blackmailing the subscribers.
Also, the highhanded attitude of the police on August 14 has prompted us to raise this issue to your esteemed office," the letter further read.
This seems a little highhanded but presumably they do not feel they have any particular responsibility to cater for customers who live outside the greater Cardiff area.
In any dealings I ever had with Michael Winner I've found him arrogant, highhanded and dismissive.
The judge awarded damages for loss of income and costs, but refused to award punitive damages, ruling "In my view, the Defendants did not conduct themselves in a highhanded, vindictive or otherwise shocking and reprehensible manner, calling for damages beyond those that have already been awarded.
Scandal Compare this to the highhanded way BBC Scotland continue to act over the matter of handing over Kirsty WarkOs Gathering Place tapes to Lord FraserOs Inquiry.