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After her effort in the Highland Fling Sarah opted out of the long trek to the Stuc a Chroin race near Perth last weekend, which was the second event in this year's British Mountain Running Championship.
Gerald Sternbach's orchestra takes up a significant portion of the Freud Playhouse stage, but not enough to inhibit Lee Martino's wonderful dancers from executing every conceivable Highland fling.
Pipe Major Martin Hewins gives fare restrictions a Highland fling
BRAY boss Harry Kenny admits the Seagulls are looking forward to a Highland fling after all their recent cash troubles.
Among the activities are a bagpipe band competition, highland fling competition and performances by the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.
Charles and Camilla are enjoying a brief Highland fling at the Queen Mother's favourite Scottish home - the Castle of Mey near John o'Groats in Caithness.
INVERNESS Enjoy a Highland fling in Scotland's Millennium city.
When the whistles and pipes did appear, and the fiddles switched from charanga to reel-stomping mode, the Highland fling thing took over, making an enjoyable spectacle of mid-number style-switching around the dancefloor.
Both Admodum and Highland Fling have shown bits of promise, but Alishan is bred to be a decent horse.

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