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To date, there are few direct experimental results on the efficiency of different highlighting methods.
Similarly, the task of a highlighting method is to guide the attention of the map reader to the highlighted symbols so that the highlighted symbols can be accessed straightaway when highlighting is applied.
When highlighting a group of symbols on a map, it is necessary that the grouping effect, whether achieved by similarity or connectedness, is stronger than the grouping effect caused by the proximity of the symbols.
Highlighting symbols on an interactive display is carried out using a transient (or momentary) effect to change the appearance of the symbols momentarily when the cursor is hovered above them (Robinson 2011), which offers users a sense of interactivity.
When highlighting map symbols, the motion detection processes can guide the attention of users to the highlighted symbols if either the appearance of the highlighted symbols is changed or if an eye-catching visual element that connects the highlighted symbols together is applied to the display.
Defining highlighting is a challenge because it is closely linked to the concept of brushing, which is the mechanism by which observations are dynamically queried and selected in coordinated view visualizations (Becker and Cleveland 1987; Roberts and Wright 2006).
In most current geographic and information visualization systems, highlighting is implemented through the use of static color outlines or fills on observations in multiple views.
Our focus on highlighting methods is closely related to common frameworks for the design of information visualizations.
One of the few examples of research that focuses specifically on highlighting is work by Ware and Bobrow (Ware and Bobrow 2004; Ware and Bobrow 2005) on the use of motion as an alternative to static highlighting.
Each set consists of a 30-card commemorative card set highlighting the greatest players and moments in the Yankee Vs.
In this set, Disney-Pixar fans can look forward to: the popular Reel Piece of History cards, which contains pieces of actual film frames from favorite Disney-Pixar movies; Memorable Scene Cards from "The Incredibles"; Concept Art cards, featuring art drafts of memorable characters and scenes; Character Cards of favorite Disney-Pixar personalities; Now You Know trivia cards, containing fun facts about past and present Disney-Pixar films; and hilarious Outtakes cards, highlighting funny Disney-Pixar outtakes.
for potential partnerships to deliver email highlighting to wireless devices through carriers, web portals, Application Service Providers (ASPs) or Internet Service Providers (ISPs).