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The MAX Highlights Service room was first set up to broadcast the FIFA World Cup last year.
"Note Hound has the unique capability to work at 'highlight' level--allowing the easy selection and organisation of quotations from different sources either for quick reference or collating well referenced documents," says Summers.
Created in partnership with Fingerprint, Highlights Every Day features classic Highlights "Fun with a Purpose" reimagined for growing digital consumption habits of children.
After creating an account, users can share highlights with their friends on Highly and other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
"To create a highlight, tap the "New" circle at the far left.
In a tweet this morning, he said this highlights a vote of confidence in future of Pakistan's economy.
The Channel 5 deal will take effect from the start of next season and will also include Capital One Cup highlights. The Football League is expected to make an announcement before Christmas.
Highlights magazine receives more than 35,000 reader submissions annually.
Highlights: High speed, New generation of Staubli dobby 3260, AirMaster and Smart Argus..
Kobo uses the concept of "checking-in." What this means is that a reader highlights a section of a page or writes a note related to something on a page and then she can share that with others via Facebook.