highly developed skill

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Belarus has a large concentration of industries, mainly into manufacturing and heavy industries, which draw their strength from available skilled manpower and a highly developed skill training system.
Processing information in two languages instead of one is a highly developed skill that bilinguals will automatically acquire.
Interpreters with years of practice and highly developed skill sets will be the most effective at connecting visitors to the resources.
If the company is not large enough to afford this, try a "primary building" concept instead, in which each technician is assigned a primary building they work in every day, but also has a highly developed skill in one area that they can use in any building as needed.
They have highly developed skill sets and technology to match.
Alpha One has specific teams with highly developed skill sets that focus on given areas," says Yakulis.
But trading stocks is a highly developed skill," cautions Clark.
When they seem to be idle ,they may have found a much easier way of doing things,or they may just have more highly developed skills than others.
As a real estate professional, Leon Churchill makes use of his highly developed skills in public administration.
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