highly important

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Only five minutes ago it was a May-day madness of mine to think that he leaped out of the water and gave me a highly important message.
She could do justice to the superiority of Lady Russell's motives in this, over those of her father and Elizabeth; she could honour all the better feelings of her calmness; but the general air of oblivion among them was highly important from whatever it sprung; and in the event of Admiral Croft's really taking Kellynch Hall, she rejoiced anew over the conviction which had always been most grateful to her, of the past being known to those three only among her connexions, by whom no syllable, she believed, would ever be whispered, and in the trust that among his, the brother only with whom he had been residing, had received any information of their short-lived engagement.
Considering the crowded state of the waiting-room and the number of highly important people who were there for the same purpose, Surgeon-Major Thomson seemed to have remarkably little difficulty in procuring the interview he desired.
The safe conveyance of these despatches was highly important, as by them Mr.
The fact is highly important," he added, "because there is no need of his being wounded in the hand for him to be the murderer.
The blush of mingled pride and modesty which suddenly suffused the cheeks of the young woman, the brilliancy of her eye, and her highly important communication, produced an indescribable effect on the assembly.
It is highly important to keep the connexion together; and schools, if at all neglected, are apt to take offence.
That afternoon, about half-past three o'clock, Tom was standing on the wharf, talking with Bob Jakin about the probability of the good ship Adelaide coming in, in a day or two, with results highly important to both of them.
Pride and independence are highly important concepts for the Afghan people and we need to take them into consideration.
I'm delighted to have Curtis join our executive team in this highly important role," said Herb Lanese, President and CEO.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Tehran's Ambassador to Baghdad Hassan Danayeefar urged Iraq's political groups to find a negotiated solution to the existing differences, stressing that developments in Iraq are highly important to Iran.
Wayne Daniel Mapp, in his part, said that the soil (at Gallipoli) is highly important for the three countries, Turkey, Australia and New Zealand.

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