highly principled

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Spengler Award in recognition of his "outstanding, highly principled leadership of the American weather industry over five decades and fostering strong cooperation between private sector and government weather services.
They are highly principled and act on those principles.
The appointment was met with high praise both inside UCSF and externally, with members of the academic, scientific, clinical and political worlds praising Hawgood s thoughtful and highly principled approach to everything he undertakes and his unequalled breadth of experience as an academic physician, research scientist, educator and dean of one of reathe nation s top medical schools.
Indeed, to point a finger at Ann Clwyd for what was ultimately the then Labour Cabinet and Government's decision to progress this illegal war may appear to members of the public as a highly misleading attempt possibly to get one back at Ann Clwyd due to her non-partisan and highly principled manner when highlighting the way she believed her husband was treated in a Welsh NHS hospital prior to his passing.
He was also a highly principled individual, but always respectful of the views of others with whom he might on some topics disagree.
He was a hugely committed and highly principled man who gave 100% to everything he did - family, sport, rugby coach, fundraiser and passionate Sunderland supporter.
He was a highly principled leader, with strong moral values.
Ian Johnston is a highly principled "old fashioned copper" who believes in community policing and that the victim is more important than the criminal.
David Simpson has earned his reputation as an eminently fair, highly principled, and hardworking legislator.
Superbly played by Shirley Stelfox, Edna may be famous for her sharp tongue, but she is a devout Christian, highly principled and with a deep sense of compassion.
Leander is a highly principled as well as an emotional man; so it is difficult to say which way he will go.

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