highly reputed

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In 2017, we have published over 25 peer reviewed articles in several highly reputed international journals.
As the main architect of Nadra's technology infrastructure, he had played a key role in the transformation of the organisation's small technology base with outsourced operations, to one of the most highly reputed identity management systems in the world with complete self-sufficiency in the development and management of its technology.
He said: "These are people who have spent over a decade in the UK, working in highly reputed professions, many of which have serious employee shortages.
He further stated that NH and MP is highly reputed department of the country.
The findings of the research study have also been published in Monthly Notices of Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS) a highly reputed impact factor journal of astrophysics based in the United Kingdom (UK).
Paul's contribution to the advertising industry has been recognized and awarded by Publishers of Mayapuri, Lotpot, Filmi Kaliyan, Nutan Kahaniyan, Cricket Samrat, Jaltedeep, Manak, Competition Master, Daily Excelsior and many other highly reputed professional/social organisations.
While reports of widespread slaughter of Rohingya are already available, this is the first time a highly reputed organisation has documented the extend of atrocities and killings in the Rakhine state after an extensive research.
Socially, Xi's anti-corruption motive has long been perceived by the country which got down 2 million corrupt officials; including highly reputed ones.
Tenders are invited for Highly Reputed Well Established And Professional Security Agencies
Among the founders are highly reputed executives from the biotech industry and experienced researchers at the Karolinska Institute within the field of arachidonic acid pathways and inflammatory diseases.
We are highly reputed in the area for offering precious training to make students capable of achieving academic goals.
Furthermore, Free IT training with highly reputed institutions and certified bodies has also been imparted to poor and needy students.

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