highly serious

See: grave, serious
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These common family quarrels at the dinner table may be relied upon to discuss highly serious issues in the society, and to produce guffaws and howls of laughter as well, are an inspiration to the prolific playwright Jack Thorne in his new serio-comic play The End of History, currently on the Royal Court Theatre.
An initiation ritual, although highly serious, as all who have graduated from some school have known, is nonetheless, before it has been achieved, unreal and the object of wish-fulfillment dreams.
PESHAWAR -- Speaker, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly, Mushtaq Ahmad Ghani has said that the provincial government is highly serious in provision of health sector facilities including treatment of cancer.
It is for the court, not the government, to determine criminality The charges that have been leveled against former President Asif Zardari and his financial partners are highly serious. Zardari maintains that the allegations are no more than a smear campaign aimed at getting the 18th amendment revoked by putting pressure on the PPP leadership.
The government is highly serious to put an end to the politics behind demand and supply.
Ostrich meat shall be made available in these markets as well because there is an enhanced demand on part of buyer, he said adding that the government was highly serious to put an end to the politics behind demand and supply.
Poroshenko said it was necessary because of intelligence about "a highly serious threat of a ground operation against Ukraine." He did not elaborate.
Recently, both nations have lambasted each other for being involved in terrorist activities, which, despite the frivolity with which it is spoken, are highly serious allegations.
The highly serious blunder allowed anyone to access details of hundreds of MPs including Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Defence SecretaryGavin Williamson- who have police protection and warn regularly of the hacking threat from Russia.
The time is ripe for the new government to reflect on this highly serious issue and act with an eye to long-term consequences.
Despite the fact Shaw had a long career without any other disciplinary action being taken against her and the fact she was having personal problems at the time, the panel agreed her behaviour at the time was "highly serious, maintained, premeditated and covered up".
"Several (Croatian) companies have formed a consortium to invest in the Islamic Republic of Iran's petrochemical fields and highly serious talks were held on extraction of oil," he added.

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