highly serious

See: grave, serious
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They are of the opinion that if proper care was not taken, many complications might prove to be highly serious.
Today, our region is facing a highly serious and extreme danger, that is the danger of unchartered and unlimited extremism and sectarianism resulting from the wrong and short-sighted policies of a number of regional and international actors," Zarif said, addressing a gathering of Iranian envoys to foreign states and the country's governor-generals in Tehran.
She has also worked closely with biochemistry lecturer Dr Richard Bingham, who has a special research focus on Borrelia, the bacterium that spreads the tick-borne Lyme disease, which can have highly serious symptoms.
This is highly serious and important case which can not be left unresolved.
Sceidu Press is considered to be a highly serious publisher with a great sense of responsibility.
The first reason is that Washington does not believe it would be productive and the second reason is that the focus in Greece is still on the highly serious problem of their debt and reforms the country has to carry out.
In a country, which imports more than 70 per cent of its food needs, this depreciation is highly serious as it has sent prices of commodities at home higher," said Abdou.
Rather, it is both a highly serious and a seriously entertaining piece of scholarship that is sure to challenge its readers to rethink not only their prior reading of the writers that she treats, but their own critical practice.
Terzi said that in particular, 'my government and public opinion itself are concerned with the highly serious humanitarian impact on persons who regularly risk their lives after having been deceived by human traffickers'.
Yesterday, Priti Patel, MP for Witham, Essex, said: "This is a highly serious crime for someone to get away without any punishment.
She said: "Any tampering with a child's medical records is a highly serious matter and is to be deplored in the strongest terms.
However, an added, and potentially highly serious, welfare issue now surrounds the case when the BHA disciplinary inquiry starts on Monday, the outcome of which could have a major impact on Young's career.

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